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March 04 2012


@directv is apparently as crappy as @timewarner when in doubt power cycle


never ceased to be amazed at how much people will pay for things hussled on TV without first just looking on any other venue

March 03 2012


Once again thirty minutes on the phone with time Warner cable and they can’t figure out how to cancel cable #fail

March 02 2012


wow BMW with the little donut tire looks silly

February 25 2012


here’s a hint @apple hard drives fail. removing a display vs an access panel on the back makes zero sense.


@applecare is worthless. sure your stuff might get fixed sometime in the next month but that’s about it


@apple sucks. they say they will replace something timely but they don’t have enough geniuses to do repairs and support

February 24 2012


@apple taking longer than stated to replace hard drives. not sure the point of appointments. #fail #applecare

February 23 2012


@apple store “genius” can’t say whether work will be done until its done. I guess they don’t have schedules there.


trying to call @apple store is infuriating. might as well not have a phone system

February 22 2012


@apple is the only store that can have a 1:1 employee:customer ratio and still seem like there is no service

February 20 2012


@siriusxm stopping programs to play ads and then not resuming where you cut out is OBNOXIOUS. what am I paying for


beware if you plan on linking to any sites owned by valueclick media - they might send you a takedown notice, for a link

February 17 2012


time Warner cable just said that they can do the needful…. and they want me to believe they didn’t outsource


would strongly suggest time Warner cable spend more time getting equipment that actually WORKS, instead of automating the staff out of jobs

February 15 2012


payroll tax cut = wealth redistribution. taking from another by gun is stealing, except if 536 people in DC pass a law

February 14 2012


@redbox forced watching of previews on DVDs SUCKS. #fail #redbox

February 13 2012


@GoDaddy if you’re going to robo call people why not have the option to speak to a real person

February 08 2012


@amazon keeps money from transactions they know are fraudulent isn’t that a crime?


@amazon will keep money from transactions they know are fraudulent

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